Development of custom software

Audit of the information systems

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Our company carries out independent expert research and analysis of the operating information system of the Customer’s company in order to assess the system efficiency.

Our engineers carry out a comprehensive audit of the information systems according to needs and requests of the Customers. An audit can be caused by different reasons, for instance:

  • equipment and software obsolescence,
  • detection of the operating system level correspondence to the specified criteria,
  • difficulties in integrating the heterogeneous information systems and applications,
  • problems with information systems due to intensification of the company activity,
  • assessment of the new innovation technology efficiency including an expertise of comprehensive solutions,
  • company information security,
  • assessment of the quality of the performed work on the company IT-infrastructure updating or developing.

When all work packages to be performed are agreed with the Customer, we collect information about current state of the information systems. Then we carry out comprehensive analysis of the received data using effective techniques. Under this analysis we assess current state of the system, its advantages and disadvantages, capabilities and risks. In addition to this, we develop recommendations including prediction of the expected effects, probable risks and costs.