Development of custom software

Application re-engineering, porting and migration

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Since software is a concept that appeared in the last century, a lot of systems based on it have become out of date. Most enterprises do not want to leave the time-proved reliable systems behind and change working methods. Meanwhile, if the enterprise does not apply new technologies, it can lose profits.

Application re-engineering is an effective solution to this problem. The skilled engineers redesign expireware and separate parts can be reprogrammed completely. The result of re-engineering is an efficient system that has not lost its features but has broadened its capabilities significantly.

Re-engineering is an important part of Arsis professional activity. We use different methods of re-engineering in our work such as application optimization, their redesign, extension of their features, translation into other programming languages, other means of the data storage (database servers).

Application Porting and Migration

Another class of services we provide within re-engineering services is application porting and migration.

This service includes application porting onto another platform without changing their functionality. After such updating the application can work in the different software environment. Besides porting the applications between relational hardware platforms, the task may include development of the software version for mobile devices and development of cross-platform Java-applications. Software renovation provided efficient work for many enterprises under the present conditions.

Thanks to the experience gained Arsis engineers always manage to succeed in the application re-engineering, porting and migration. We carry out so called "regeneration" of the software improving its level of quality and efficiency.