Development of custom software

DoXtream platform

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DoXtream workflow system is a set of program blocks and components used for the following:

  • Corporate information system (CIS) development
  • EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) development
  • Business process management


Arsis long experience in software development, enterprises automation, as well as analysis of the existing “universal” solutions in the field has brought to the necessity of our own framework for the corporate information system development. This need appeared long time ago and in 2003 new Microsoft. Net technology gave us a really full-function modern friendly development environment.


DoXtream workflow system is used for development of the various corporate information systems including EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) and Workflow systems. In our opinion, the main difference between DoXtream and similar software is allocation of a quite big element of the system called a “document” which is an all-sufficient entity with its independent operating logic. “Na Letu” application system is based on these entities and determines different connections between the documents.


DoXtream makes management of the corporate information system as convenient as modern CMS systems in web-site management.


STAFF2 system has been developed using DoXtream, its deployment in Danone-Russia shows great results.

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