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Banknote acceptor

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A banknote acceptor (a bill acceptor, a paper currency detector, a bill validator) is a purpose-designed device for acceptance of notes used in all types of equipment with automatic operation that accepts paper money.

A banknote acceptor can not only identify the nominal value of the banknote that has been inserted but can also test its authenticity with high precision in a relatively short time. Modern banknote acceptors are fitted with a great number of optical and electromagnetic sensors. The more sensors are fitted, the more reliable and fast operation a banknote acceptor performs and the more expensive it is. A banknote acceptor is programmed to accept a particular set of banknotes whose parameters are stored in its memory.

If the banknote is rejected (it is worn out, dirty, too wrinkled, counterfeit etc.), the machine returns it to the owner. If the banknote is accepted, it is placed in a storage device (a stacker) – a special unit that stacks all accepted banknotes carefully and provides their easy removal from the storage device. Not all banknote acceptors are equipped with stackers. In some machines accepted banknotes are placed just inside the case of the equipment where the banknote acceptor is installed.

The most important features of banknote acceptors are the following: a rate of the banknote recognition (the higher the rate is, the higher percent of valid banknotes are accepted), reliability, quality and mechanism life, stacker existence and its storage capacity.

CashCode (Canada) is the most successful manufacturer of banknote acceptors in the world. This company owns a quarter of the world market in this field of business. The products of this brand gave a good account of themselves in our country. The most popular model is CashCode SM including stocker cassettes that can store 500, 1000 and 1500 banknotes. Other leading companies producing this type of equipment include Pyramid Technology Inc (the USA), Cash Machine (Germany) and Global Payment Technologies Ltd (Great Britain).

Engineers of our company used their experience of work with banknote acceptors when developing the software payment acceptance and accounting system for Avtoban and Co holding company CJSC (Domodedovskyy shopping and leisure center). This company uses CashCode SM 1500 installed in the payment terminals together with fiscal printers.