Development of custom software

Smart cards

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Smart cards are in great demand nowadays. This tiny device equipped with the microprocessor saves our time and makes our life more comfortable. As for manufacturability smart card has left card with magnetic strip far behind. Another significant advantage of this device is the highest data security standard. Smart cards are used in various places such as banks, terminals, shops, universities, hospitals and their application is growing.

Types of Smart Cards

  • Memory cards
  • Chip cards
  • Crypto chip cards
  • Java - карты
  • Java-cards
  • Hybrid cards
  • USB keys

Smart cards are widely used in our country as they help vary services to the Clients, reduce time and efforts and, what is important, provide the client security due to high quality software development.


Arsis is is a professional developer of software for smart cards. Combination of theory and constant practice makes Arsis a strong player in the software market. Our portfolio includes both libraries working with the third-party systems and completed systems (including touch-screen kiosks that are irreplaceable nowadays). Arsis engineers have carried out complicated and critical projects successfully.

Arsis engineers have developed software for smart cards for one of the largest air carrier ″Airport Moscow″ based in Sheremetyevo International Airport. Smart cards simplified authorization of the company clients and their comfort application saved time which is the most important resource in business.

Our cooperation with international companies is also very effective. Our joint project with TC TrustCenter Gmbh, one of the world leaders in certification, has succeeded. This company is an e-commerce transaction security guarantor. Cooperating with this company Clients from all over the world feel secure and we are proud that we have made our contribution to this large project.

If you have decided to improve service and secure each client of your company, development of the software using smart cards in Arsis is the shortest way to achieve your aims.